Kanta Yamaoka

Kanta Yamaoka is an Undergraduate student in Computer Science at Osaka Metropolitan University, previously known as Osaka Prefecture University. He has started his final thesis project as joint research between OMU and TU Kaiserslautern. Before he came to Germany, he engaged in research under the supervision of Prof. Koichi Kise at OMU. His lab in OMU and TUK shares the same goal to increase our cognitive capabilities using AI-based technologies.

His current interest is to more create cognition/emotion-aware learning systems. To accomplish his goal, he joins two research projects: (i) re-designing knowledge transfer as his thesis project, and (ii) measuring cognitive and affective states using sensors as a side-project. Sensing, AI-based technologies, and Cognitive Science are the key ingredients for both topics.


  1. Kanta Yamaoka, Ko Watanabe, Koichi Kise, Andreas Dengel and Shoya Ishimaru. “Experience is the Best Teacher: Personalized Vocabulary Building Within the Context of Instagram Posts and Sentences from GPT-3”. In Proceedings of the 2022 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing: Adjunct Publication (UbiComp '22 Adjunct), 2022, to appear.